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April 2021 News!

Update From Director Samuel Faraci!

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Hey Everyone,

It's Sam Faraci, Director of the Harrison School of Music and I want to wish everyone a very happy Spring!

I just want to take a moment and thank all of you, as the school has reached a major milestones of 650 students!  That's right....we now have 650 students now taking weekly music lessons with us.  We're about 60% in person and 40% online. And I want to thank all of you - Harrison and New City - we have a combined total of 650 students which is an all time high for us!  It's just absolutely amazing, and we're so happy to be bringing music to you during this difficult time.

We're so excited for the return of live music this year. This June, on June 13th we're doing a hybrid recital! We're doing outdoors in person here in Riis Park here in Harrison. It's right next to he library on Sunday June 13th. We're very excited about that. Everyone will be safely socially distanced.  We're renting the stage from the town for students to perform on.  And we're also going to continue with the online option.  So students who wish to perform virtually can still do that, and we'll post that on our YouTube page.

We're also really excited that we're going to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland this summer.  We'll be performing in the Foster Theatre, located on the 3rd floor fo the Hall of Fame.  If you or your family are interested in performing, please let us know, we do have just a few spots left.  But students are really excited about that, and since the new date announcement, we've had new students registering for the event. So let us know, and let's Rock Cleveland!

Parents, we know how it is at home when you're trying to do some work, make dinner, get something done, or there's no time to help your child practice.  Or, maybe you don't know how to help your child practice. We often hear "Hey, I'm not a musician, how do I help my child practice?"  So we've started doing Zoom practice sessions.  Twice a week students can log in to a Zoom practice room to practice with other students, and we have a live proctor there to help students practice.  Students can ask questions - how do I work on this, or that?  We're getting a lot of really great feedback on this and it's keeping students motivated. And on top of that, every time you log in to the Zoom practice session, you can earn 3 points towards your practice challenge wristband.  You can earn 1 point for practicing at home, you can mark it off on your practice chart and 3 for practicing in the practice session.  So be sure to check that out - check your email for the dates and times and we'll see you online for the Practice Sessions!

So we're expecting a very busy summer this year.  With vaccines rolling out and people being cooped up for so long and people ready to go out and do something, we're expecting a lot of new students to come in this summer and take lessons with us.  Enrollment is at an all time high, and the important thing is we don't want to see you lose your spot. So we have 4 great options for you to keep your lesson time over the summer so you don't lose it when you come back in the fall. The worst thing we hear is "Oh we took the summer off, I want to come back in September with my teacher who I love, only to find out my teacher is sold out."  So here's what we do: We have unlimited group make ups. You can sign up for as many group make ups as you need - unlike other music schools who limit it to 2 or less per year - ours have no limit so we've got you covered there.  You can take your group make ups before you even go on vacation and start working on them now to knock them out. Just let us know and we'll get you signed up.

Number 2, as you are well aware, if you are out of town, you can Zoom into your lesson and take a virtual lesson. So even though 60% of our students are back in person, and 40% are still online, those of you who are back in person, you can still Zoom into your lesson. It's been very successful this year and enjoyable, and again, we would be at 650 students if we didn't have all of these amazing options for students to continue making music. 

Number 3, you can donate your lessons to a child in need.  We've connected with the Westchester Bereavement Center in Scarsdale, and if you are not going to be around to take your lessons, just let us know and we can reach out to them and donate your lesson time to a child who has lost a loved one who would be more than happy to experience the joy of music and take your lesson time for those few weeks you might be out in the summer.  

And lastly, you can also sublease your lesson time to a friend or family member. Moms and Dads, we know that sometimes while the kids are at camp you think "Hey, maybe I'd like to take some music lessons."  Not a problem - just let us know that you'll be coming in, or maybe a neighbor or aunt or uncle.  The time is yours, you can use it however you like.  

So check that out. We're expecting a very busy summer, with everyone ready to come out as things are getting back to normal and vaccines are coming out.  So we don't want to see you lose your spot and be disappointed after the summer. Many of our teachers are completely sold out, especially during the prime times of 3pm and 7:30pm. Between our locations and instruments it does vary a little bit, but most of our teachers are sold out, and we don't want to see you lose your lesson time!

And having done this for for 10 years now, owning the school for 10 years now, which we just celebrated by giving the school an amazing transformation, a really big facelift, it's really beautiful.  But having done this for 10 years, one of the things I absolutely love is working with brand new teachers. The excitement they bring to us is absolutely incredible.  So thank you to our new teachers, welcome to the school and working with us. We are really enjoying having you, an we know the students are enjoying working with you as well.

So thank you again for your feedback on these video updates. I'll be back with another one soon.  Welcome to our new teachers, thank you to our students. Thank you for 10 years of making music.  Thank you Harrison and New City for getting us to 650 students. I'm looking forward to our outdoor recitals coming up, practice champ zoom sessions, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and an amazing 2021.

So here's Sam Faraci signing off. 

Thank you so much!

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