Graceland 2022

Harrison School of Music & New City School of Music

Graceland – Memphis, TN

On April 7th, 2022 students from the Harrison School of Music performed at the home of Elvis Presley at his Graceland Estate in Memphis, TN. Our students were rock stars, with a full backing band of professional musicians comprised of teachers from the school backing them up.

Students studying at the school are offered free recitals 2x per year in professional performance venues, as well as the opportunity to perform at special world-class venues as part of our “Destination Recitals” series.

Below are pictures and full professional video with soundboard audio from our Graceland performance on April 7th, 2022. Please click the first picture to scroll through the slideshow.

Graceland Live Stream

Testimonials from Graceland Attendees:

The music school’s of Harrison and New City are a team of the best music teachers who are lead by a true dedicated music teacher who gives each student music instruction but most of all life skills that can not be taught but gained thru being a part of the school’s family. Thanks to Sam and all the staff for all you do for everyone!! – Timothy Hauser

The destination recital to Memphis was an wonderful experience for our family, but most of all a memorable experience for our daughter. Being able to play the drums at Graceland with a full band was something that she will never forget, nor will we. – Victoria Treacy

Everything was well planned..If not for these events, I don’t think my son would be able to perform in these popular places. The back up band was excellent and the staff was very helpful and keep us we’ll informed with everything.. looking forward for more. – Junje Limsiaco

The plane ride went smoothly, the hotel was exceptionally good, and the event was amazing. It went far beyond my expectations; the performers were amazing, I could really tell that they were prepared. Lastly, the energy produced from everyone there was astronomical. I just cannot wait for the next recital! – Jacqueline McIntosh

We have been with New City School of music for 4 1/2 years and it was the best decision we have made for our daughter. The staff, especially her instructor Miss Ruby have become family. Leah has gained so much self confidence and enjoys to perform. It has pushed her to challenge herself and set new goals. We love being apart of this music family. Meeting so many talented young musicians as herself makes her feel so special and seeing her smile before, during and after every lesson is all a parent can ask for. Thank you to Sam, Miss Ruby, the band all of the staff at the music school you guys are all truly amazing. – Nicole Fabrizi

The opportunity to perform in Graceland was one that our boys will never forget (and I won’t either!!). We started with lessons last summer and I am in awe of how quickly the boys took to the piano and how incredible Maria is with teaching them in a way that they enjoy. The boys have a tendency to be shy and avoid being in the spotlight but the amount of confidence I saw when they both performed in Graceland made all of the hard work with it. The teachers are so encouraging and Maria really motivated the boys to push their skill level and perform songs that they enjoyed learning. Being able to perform amongst their peers in such a remarkable location was an unbelievable experience and we’re looking forward to continued growth with Harrison School of Music. – Seba John

The New City School of Music and the Harrison School of Music have once again put together a once in a life time experience for their students to perform at such an amazing venue and have the students families be a part of that very special event. It is something they will cherish for the rest if their lives. – Ray Terjeson

The event was an experience of a lifetime for both children and their parents – it’s not every day you can perform in Elvis’s house. – Joann Robinson

It has been such an incredible experience for our kids to attend Harrison School of Music and get the chance to perform at such fantastic venues! They really nurture our kids and get them ready to be the future of music! – Rita Bivona

The event was a great time. The lighting and the acoustics were very good and the band was really great! – Irina Kurochitskaya

This event was fantastic and was a great confidence booster as well as a skill building event. The camaraderie developed with peers and teachers was priceless. – Kris Hansen

This recital has been, by far, the highlight of my son’s experiences at Harrison. Not only the ability for my wife and I to attend with him, but also all of our family and friends that were able to see how much Nathan has learned in just one year via the live stream. This experience has given Nathan the feel of what a true on-stage band performance would be like. It has helped him confront his fear of performing to a crowd. And most of all, it has provided him a new goal for improving his drumming skills and stage presence. – Mabel & Juan Calderon

It was a wonderful confidence and character-building experience for young performing artists. – Vita O.

The Graceland Destination Recital is another showcasing of the performer’s abilities and accomplishments. Every year, we look forward to the stage performance at their Destination Recital from Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio to Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee. Director Sam and his staff worked really hard, going above & beyond, and the results are there for you all to see. It is a pleasure to listen to all the instruments, in varying degrees of proficiency as the students perform. The caliber of the music teachers, as well as their general cheerful demeanor, have left a lasting impression on us. Director Sam and his team have been incredibly engaged and focused on ensuring that students are not only learning but also enjoying the journey of musical exploration. – Evelyn Celis

Pictures from Graceland