Homeschool Music Lessons

Looking for Music Lessons for Homeschoolers?

Music lessons at the Harrison School of Music  are a perfect supplement for any homeschooler!  Read below to read the benefits for homeschoolers who take music lessons with us!  We understand the need for time to do lessons on your schedule, the importance of meeting others with similar interests, and that some parents and co-ops may be lost on what to do for a music curriculum.  We can help with all of that!

We are conveniently located in downtown Harrison, NY and serve homeschool families in Rye, Rye Brook, Port Chester, Mamaroneck, White Plains, Scarsdale and surrounding areas in Westchester County NY!

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Benefits for Homeschooler Music Lessons at the Harrison School of Music

1. Early Lesson Times!

We know homeschoolers like to do things on their own schedule! We offer music lessons as early as 11:30am and as late as 8:00pm Monday through Friday, as well as all day Saturday & Sunday. You can avoid the afternoon traffic and rush by taking your music lessons when its convenient for YOUR schedule! Need to miss a lesson because you’re going on an awesome field trip? No problem! We offer UNLIMITED Group Make Ups!

2. Social Interaction!

Our group make up lessons are a great way to interact and get to know others students in our musical community and make music in a group setting! Since ancient times, music has always been a social activity and our group make ups are perfect for connecting with others with similar musical interests. Group make up classes are age and level appropriate and a fantastic compliment to private lessons where students learn aspects of music that can’t be covered in a private lesson.

3. Music Appreciation!

As a homeschooling parent, you might be lost on how and what to teach about music if you are not a musician yourself. Leave that to our teachers. In lessons, students not only learn how to play their instrument; students learn how to read music, music history and have fun at the same time leading to a well rounded appreciation for music.

4. At Home Practice Time

​We know it takes time for parents to plan their homeschooling activities and lessons for the week. Our teachers give students the tools they need to practice and progress on their own at home every week. This means down time at home for parents to get some other activities done such as lesson planning or making dinner, while their child is practicing their instrument on their own!